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6/24/18 - Well, what can you say about this show? It had some moments - it was the best Alabama Getaway so far - tight and full of spunk - didn't feel the energy in big river and jack straw that I'd normally expect and they bring out Justin Vernon of Bon Iver for the end of the first set - first guest artist of the tour... He was obviously familiar with the catalog, but his interperation of the songs left people wanting... but it wasn't all bad - there were some spots the jams in Bird Song found that I'm not sure they'd have found without him. In the second set, the highlight was obviously Shakedown through Rider - stellar playing there and jams, but Watchtower seemed kind of flat after some initial Jimi Hendrix licks by Mayer, into Standing on the Moon. Maybe I'm jaded because it's the 2nd SOTM I've seen in 3 shows... and they were so setup for the Dew... Guess it's a west coast thing... (Hollywood was the shit - check out that show). I think the triple Viola Lee Blues wins the weekend and Indy is still the best show I've seen this year...

6/23/18 - Wow - smoker last night at Alpine Valley - great first set with highlights being Brown Eyed Women and Ramble On Rose. Triple Viola Lee Blues in the second half - verses spanning beginning, middle and end of the set. I added a Venue hyperlink on the main Set List page, so you can see all of the shows played at a paricular venue.

6/22/18 - Hey everybody - it's Show Day!!! Just packing up the vehicle now and hope to be on the road to south-central Wisconsin in a few hours. Looks like we could have a couple of epic nights of shows in the place where I mis-spent much of my youth. You can't go home again, but you can always drive around the block a few times!

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